TOWALING is a neologism which is a combination of “TOWA” which means eternity and “R(L)ING” which means circle.

TOWALING expresses feelings that users want to wear them for a long time as special ones.

TOWALING should get users to feel happier and special ones because they are always in RINGs of unchangeable special ones.

Shining beads, races, quilting, which we feel good old or we have loved since our childhoods.

With the keywords, “classical”, ”vintage”, ”sensibility”, and “playful mind”, TOWALING must get users to arouse innocence
that even adults have and feelings that are aroused with “LING” ”LING” calls.

TOWALING will be provided for users under the concept of real clothes which have both changeable contemporaries
and absolute values.

Our clothes should be based on ones which inspire women who have changeable feelings and fetishism.

We should add essences with which we feel “now“ for every season to our clothes and keep on making clothes
that should be new but can express ourselves and individuality.

For getting all users to feel “fantasy” like entering into fiction world that they loved long time ago when they put on.

TOWALING Collection

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